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2 Secret Client SEO Weapons

Do you work in a particular vertical market? Ever run multiple client or affiliate SEO campaigns and for some reason 1 of your websites doesn’t rank when you do almost the same thing to each one? You may be experiencing Google’s “Random Ranking Factor” which is simply a bad luck game….​ Your rankings may be stuck but they […]

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1 How to Setup Facebook Ads

How to Setup Niche Specific Facebook Ads in 7 Minutes

[sociallocker id=”235″] FREE Resources: (because Dino said so & Free is better) 1). Facebook.com/advertising  (Setup up ads here) Example Niches You can Target: Realtors  (under behaviors choose ” purchase behavior” then choose “residential profiles”.) Dentists  (under demographics choose, “fields of study” then choose “dental” or “dental surgery”.) Lawyers  (under demographics choose, “fields of study” then […]

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