How to Triple Your Inbound SEO Leads in 10 Minutes

How to Triple Your Inbound SEO Leads in 10 Minutes

Every SEO consultant, agency, and marketing firm can use more SEO leads.

The question is, how do we generate more leads without spending advertising dollars, writing blog posts, or cold calling business owners?

That’s right, we’re all lazy and want a shortcut.

Well we found one and are happy to share our tip with you all for free.

Today, we are going to show you how we tripled our SEO leads in 10 minutes. (Click here for more 10 minute SEO marketing tips!)

This is a handy lead generation tip that will work not only to increase your own leads but those of your corporate SEO clients as well.

Lets check it out.


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2). Be sure to follow a similar template for starters to the one that is converting so well for me. I used Canva to create the background image for free and within 5 minutes.

Here is what it look like:

Triple SEO Leads

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