How to Triple Your Inbound SEO Leads in 10 Minutes

How to Triple Your Inbound SEO Leads in 10 Minutes

Every SEO consultant, agency, and marketing firm can use more SEO leads.

The question is, how do we generate more leads without spending advertising dollars, writing blog posts, or cold calling business owners?

That’s right, we’re all lazy and want a shortcut.

Well we found one and are happy to share our tip with you all for free.

Today, we are going to show you how we tripled our SEO leads in 10 minutes. (Click here for more 10 minute SEO marketing tips!)

This is a handy lead generation tip that will work not only to increase your own leads but those of your corporate SEO clients as well.

Lets check it out.


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1). Looking for that awesome exit popup used in the video? It’s called Thrive Leads Exit Popup and it is sharp! Yes that is an affiliate link but everything is FREE on this site. If you buy, come back and leave a comment so I know who you are and that you’re a cool dude or dudette. We might bump into each other one day at an SEO event….

2). Be sure to follow a similar template for starters to the one that is converting so well for me. I used Canva to create the background image for free and within 5 minutes.

Here is what it look like:

Triple SEO Leads

John Shea - April 16, 2015

Good idea, how much traffic does your agency site see daily?

    Dino Gomez - April 16, 2015

    Hey John, we receive between 500-600 visitors monthly. As you are quick to note, the more traffic your site has the bigger the opportunity for generating more leads.

Jeff Podgorski - June 10, 2015

Quick question for you Dino and by the way amazing site. Thank you so much for creating something truly helpful and free at the same time. Just wondering right now I am working while trying to start seo. I am learning right now but plan to outsource using endless rise to start. How do you recommend giving a telephone number. I don’t really want to seem like a 1 man shop that doesn’t do this full time. I figured I could rent a mailbox and put that down as my address. As for telephone I was thinking about a answering service. But do you think that would be OK to have to call every client back. I guess seo is not mission critical. If I could not call the back in til 3 or 4 that most likely would not be game ending. After all they run a small business and are busy to. Just wanted to get your thoughts on that. Thanks again!

    Dino Gomez - June 10, 2015

    Hi Jeff. Thanks for stopping by & dropping a note. I would recommend using Evoice or Grasshopper for your telephone answering service to make you sound like a bigger company. I would also have verbiage on your website that suggests you only work with select clients (this implies you’re busy & have an abundance of clients to serve otherwise). Last I would use as a contact form on your site to arrange client calls to your schedule from the get go. If you need a site you can learn to build an agency site above under the drop down “Free beginners Course”. Cheers,

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