Top 5 YouTube Video SEO Gigs on Source Market

How I Snagged 8 of the top 10 positions on Google in 15 Minutes

Here’s my story. I uploaded a video, The Top 5 Local SEO Gigs, to YouTube.  Then I went to Source Market and bought 5 different gigs.

I spent about $30 (probably less) and within 10 days had 8/10 top positions on Google for my target keyword. On top of that my video is ranking on page 1 of Google for about 8 other variations of that keyword phrase.

In total it only took me about 15 minutes to order these gigs. Now that is some kind of crazy and awesome result.

Let me show you exactly how I did that, free of course.

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Gig #1: 100 Youtube Video Embeds – Recommend buying the $5 gig extra for indexing and a power up.

Gig #2: 250 Article Sites, 300 Social Signals, and 125 web 2.0s – no gig extra necessary.

Gig #3: PBN Embed, 50 Web 2.0 embeds, and social signals – no gig extra necessary.

Gig #4: 1000 YouTube views, 50 likes, 50 subscribers, & 5 comments – no gig extra necessary. 

Gig #5: Wirecast Upload – Recommend buying the $7 gig extra for brand new YouTube channel. 

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