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Pokemon Go Advertising Guide For Local Businesses (Video)

Pokemon Go is here and it’s here to stay.

You know this, the Pokemon trainers (players) know this, investors know this, and now local businesses owners know this.Pokemon Go advertising lure guide

Now I’m not even going to try to relate Pokemon Go to SEO, (this is an SEO blog after all).

But I will say that the end goal of SEO is to help businesses receive more exposure and leads.

And advertising on Pokemon Go right now can definitely increase the visibility of a business and directly influence sales, thus I’m sneaking this training in.

Let’s proceed.

How to Advertise On Pokemon Go Using Lures (Step by Step video)

You wouldn’t understand it if I tried to write it out, so I put together a step by step video on how business owners and marketers can cash out on the lure spell in Pokemon Go.

Let’s get weird.


Here is the written version of how to use a lure to “advertise” on Pokemon Go.

Please keep in mind that in order to complete this strategy you will need a personal account yourself, whether that be your own or somebody that is working at the location.

Shiiiiiit, you might even be able to convince a customer that is a super star player to work on your behalf.

Step By Step: How to Attract Pokemon Go Players to A Local Business

Step 1: Create a Pokemon Go Account –
Step 2: Add a Poke Stop –

Check to see where the nearest Poke Stop is at. If there is not one literally outside your doorstep then you’ll want to request one added. Request a Poke Stop be added to a business here.

Step 3: Purchase Poke Coins –

– Once your Poke Stop is approved and begins showing at your store front location in game play, you now need to purchase Poke coins from the shop.

*Poke Coins can be purchased from the shop or earned thru game play and are necessary to purchase lures.

Step 4: Purchase a Lure with your poke coins –

Step 5: Place Your Lure

Physically visit your store front where you create a Poke Stop. Click the white button on your screen once you’re there and place your Lure.



Great business owners and marketers take advantage of opportunities and act quickly. They test and react.

They maintain sight of long term strategies and their core competencies but would have no problem changing their approach, product, or service; if the demand in the marketplace changed.

Now this is most definitely still an SEO blog. I expect it to stay that way for a long time.

None the less, I choose the name, “Dynamik”, for a reason. Should the demand change, then this blog would as well.

What are your thoughts? Or should I say questions? Is Pokemon Go the next biggest marketing platform? Or just a fad that dies out in 2 years?

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