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Best Instagram scheduling app for Iphone and Mac

Instagram. It has become a massive social network and has become the backbone to a lot of lead generation and branding campaigns online.

It can also be used as a great and powerful local citation source for your local SEO campaigns similarly to our Pinterest citation hack.

The problem is that it a very tedious process to compose a post and there are limited scheduling apps available online.

Enter, Viral App.

Finally, An App To Schedule Instagram Posts On your Mac or Desktop

Viral App is a web based application that allows you to easily schedule instagram posts into the future.

Simply connect your Instagram account, select a photo, use the Viral Tag photo editor to look like a pro graphic designer, write your post, add some sweet and uber trendy hashtags, tag your business, verify the NAP, and click schedule.

viral tag for SEO

Features of Viral Tag Include:

  • Web based application
  • Upload photos from your computer, directly from the web, dropbox, Flickr, or your Facebook profile
  • Edit photos inside of Viral Tag before scheduling (really intuitive editor)
  • Choose a Date and Time to Schedule

The app itself is extremely user friendly and in case you’re lacking a scheduling app for Pinterest…. well it does that too!

User Tips:

Viral Tag is awesome for scheduling posts but it does require the usage of a FREE iphone app to actually post live.

Basically Viral Tag works by allowing you the schedule posts for which you’ll get a notification on your phone to “push” the post live.


It is only on your phone that you’ll the option to add in the “location of the phone” (hence your citation) or tag the business.

Now I┬ádon’t normally cover social tools here at Dynamik 365 but since there is some overlap in regards to a few extra powerful local citation sources; I’d thought I’d reveal which tool I’m using.

Since this tool doesn’t post directly to Instagram and requires you to use your phone to finish the job, it is perfect app to pass over to your VA.




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