How to Hire 10 Commission Based Sales Reps in 30 Minutes

How to Hire 10 Commission Based Sales Reps in 10 Minutes

In this episode of Dynamik 365, we cover exactly how to hire  5-10 outside sales reps to sell SEO, Web Design, and your digital marketing services for your business competely on commission!

It is the single best strategy for quickly building your business and is exactly how I built mine!

In this episode we will show you:

1).  How to quickly find outside sales reps for your business

2). How much to pay these sales reps to have them interested in selling plus keep your profit margins high!

3). What to say to these sales reps to get them started!

4). All of this will take you less than 10 minutes! (Sounds too good to be true, right?.. Well it isn’t and you’ll see exactly why!)



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