How to Hire 10 Commission Based Sales Reps in 30 Minutes

How to Hire 10 Commission Based Sales Reps in 10 Minutes

In this episode of Dynamik 365, we cover exactly how to hire  5-10 outside sales reps to sell SEO, Web Design, and your digital marketing services for your business competely on commission!

It is the single best strategy for quickly building your business and is exactly how I built mine!

In this episode we will show you:

1).  How to quickly find outside sales reps for your business

2). How much to pay these sales reps to have them interested in selling plus keep your profit margins high!

3). What to say to these sales reps to get them started!

4). All of this will take you less than 10 minutes! (Sounds too good to be true, right?.. Well it isn’t and you’ll see exactly why!)



Jeff Podgorski - June 15, 2015

Hey Dino quick question for you. Is it possible to find actual sales reps that would be commission based that do this kinda of thing for a living? Also what are the best not crazy expensive ways to get the phone ringing. Have you had any luck with free posting sites like craig’s list or ebay ect. Any good ad networks? I am thinking about signing up for endless rise pro which would give me gold mine not sure if you use that. Just wondering what the best ways to start getting calls would be. I would love to be able to make around 3 grand a month and leave my 9 to 5 before the summer ends if that’s doable is another story. But thanks again for all the videos they are a immense resource and done amazingly.

    Dino Gomez - June 16, 2015

    Hey Jeff, thanks for dropping a note. You can definitely find commission based reps on Craigslist to do cold calling for you. Personally I’ve never employed this tactic but heard it does work. What I do is simply make a point to tell all friends & family that I will give them 10% residual of any clients they refer to me. You can also reach out to a local web design & marketing agency & also tell them you will give them commission for the smaller projects they don’t want. Agencies normally don’t touch budgets under 2k monthly so you could become who they refer this business to. Finally try attending a local meetup event that is niche specific (dentist, chiropractors, photography) and be the only SEO guy there. Business will fall in your lap if you wait for professionals to ask you what you do as you will be unique to the room. Hope this helps brotha!

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