The Absolute Easiest Way to Get Local SEO CLIENTS - 2016

The Absolute Easiest Way to Get Local SEO CLIENTS in 2016 –

Endless Local SEO Clients, It’s All in the Numbers.

What if you could land SEO clients from the gym, hiking, from your couch, while still at your 9-5 job, or while traveling the world in another country.

That would be fan-fing-tastic. Pardon my Spanish.

Well you can. And I’m not talking about having to put in effort to get these clients.

I’m talking about receiving emails with clients asking for your service ready to pay you between $500 and $1000 a month for 6 months every single day.

Just have your local SEO proposal ready and copy and paste that bad boy back to these clients.

That strategy and dream scenario exists.

All you have to know is one number; your close rate on proposals.

If you know thy numbers (your proposal close rate) then you can start, grow, and scale your SEO business to the moon using 1 method.

Check out this gym of a trick.

John Shea - January 15, 2016

I met with a potential prospect using Thumbtack, guy turned into a bogus lead. I do talk about this as a lead source in my SEO lead course but I’d say it’s not one of my favorite methods really since it’s not free by any means and you are competing quite a bit.

I’d say overall UpWork would be a better place to build a profile then just let people approach you looking for service.

    Dino Gomez - January 15, 2016

    In my next video, I’ll show how you can screen potential clients and leads to get an idea how solid the lead is. Upwork is also a great spot for lead gen. Great Advice John!

inaki - March 13, 2016

If i had my local niche on the top 1 on google, and a clint email me to appear on my page.How I can do that?
Is there are any code or plugin to put all the website of the client on our website optimsed with SEO???? please respond i don’t find anything like this and I have no money to buy the CSS of sourceWave, when i get my first client i will do for better managament but now i can’t 🙁

    Dino Gomez - March 14, 2016

    Hi Inaki, there are few plugins out there for WordPress. Here is one I found just Google searching, “Rank and rent plugin”. Hope this helps!

      inaki - March 14, 2016

      Thanks now i know how to do it and i have my paypal and account on a footer pop-out.
      But I wonder more ways of making money online with 0 investment and hardwork, because i have pretty lame situation Dino.
      I left the college because i doesnt like what i was studying but now no one want to hire me and i have no job to start my digital marketing and seo business.What could i do now to win money on interne, any method for no money?

      Then i want invest on local seo with the backlinks and all of that.

      Please help me, i hate my situation, i dont even get called for a job interview 🙁

        Dino Gomez - March 15, 2016

        What country are you in Inaki? Your best asset right now is time. You should jump on fiverr and off manual social bookmarking or article writing for $5. Google search, how to build social bookmarks/citations. Once you have enough revenue, you could invest in an automated social bookmarking software to scale. Also try Elance. Also, reach out to more experienced SEOs in your country and offer to help them scale their business by offering your time in return for them teaching you. You could even reach out to Fiverr sellers that have a lot of gigs sold. I’m sure they need help scaling their services. Or sell video production on Fiverr. Just buy into an video making software. First get some revenue, then invest to help automate, then scale. Then work on leveraging your time. Hope this helps my man!

          inaki - March 19, 2016

          Thanks A LOT dino for responding me, youre very cool! I will start the manual social bookmarking.Also i had made up 2 gigs on fiverr but nobody buys them 🙁
          Im from spain and to get even a mcdonalds job you are very lucky, its really crazy, there ia no opportunities here thats why i want to learn make money online and get a freedom lifestyle.
          I made a website for local Seo 1 week ago: buyed a backlinks gig on marketsource but I dont see no results and the website is not even indexed.What could i do?

          Dino Gomez - March 20, 2016

          Hi Inaki, you’ll really need to network with other fiverr sellers and SEO service providers. Go on Facebook and into groups. Search for “Fiverr” you can find and connect with other sellers. Also on Fiverr’s website you can directly reach out to other sellers. You should do this and ask them if they could use your assistance. Have them employ you for now as you learn. Also it seems you know both Spanish and English. This is a high demand skill set. Offer a gig where you translate written articles. Lot of SEO experts need a translator to do foreign niche SEO. Regarding your site, it could be 1/ 100 things. You’ll want to install Google webmaster tools to have Google give you direct insights. Start there for now but keep grinding. You’ll figure it out soon and it will all be worth it!

          inaki - March 31, 2016

          Hey dino i get a job of salesman and i think this:

          I can go to source market and buy microniches with google adsense and affiliate products to start making money by paying people who knows how to do it and then start scaling and buy some products of jvzoo to test it and win more money.(how to make informational products or ecommerce and how to do it)

          What do you think about the ‘Content creation’ on the source market? I think that it could be an awesome play to start

          Dino Gomez - March 31, 2016

          All SEOs need content. That would be a great place to start. On Source Market…. you’ll want to start with your fee very low to accumulate some sales quickly and reviews. Once your reviews are up you can charge more. Go for it!

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