Top 5 Local SEO Service Gigs For Easy Rankings

Want to get your website or your client’s website to page 1 of Google in your city? Not sure how to do link building for local SEO?

Worry not my compadre, because in this episode of Dynamik 365 I walk you thru step by step exactly what to do and where you buy links so that you rank almost instantly.

This 5 step guide will show you:

  • Basic on-site SEO that Google loves
  • 1 Super easy on-site SEO trick for faster rankings
  • Where to source high quality videos for your clients
  • The top 5 affordable and hands off – service gigs that I use to rank local SEO clients over and over again.


The absolute best 5 local SEO gigs that Dino Gomez continually uses to help his clients get 1st page of Google rankings.

1). YouTube video SEO $5

2). PBN Links $12 (lifetime)    (Send to your social properties: YouTube, Yelp, Facebook)

3). Real traffic to build Google trust – Crowdsearch- ($10) – (Price raised to $10 from $5 but still a massive discount. Grab this deal before it goes up again!)

4). Google local reviews – 

5). (For local citations Yext is $45/month reoccurring ) but the cheaper alternative I also use is only a 1x fee of $25.

Bonus gig: Quality PBN links to send to your client site ($15/each)

Again the gigs above are the gigs I use over and over again to help rank my local SEO clients.

Please watch the video to understand how to use each gig most effectively.

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