How to Setup Niche Specific Facebook Ads in 7 Minutes

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1).  (Setup up ads here)

Example Niches You can Target:

  • Realtors  (under behaviors choose ” purchase behavior” then choose “residential profiles”.)
  • Dentists  (under demographics choose, “fields of study” then choose “dental” or “dental surgery”.)
  • Lawyers  (under demographics choose, “fields of study” then choose “law” or “lawyer”.)
  • People at a Specific Company  (under demographics choose, “employers”…. note only can target big name employers)
  • By Wealth ( under demographics choose “income”
  • By City
  • By Life Events (under demographics choose “life events” then choose “just married” or “new job” or “upcoming birthday”.
  • By Interest + Hobby

These are just a few basic examples so you know how to use the different targeting sections to find your target audience. Be sure to leave us a comment if you have questions!



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