Beginner SEO: Using SEM Rush to Uncover Keywords, Link Building Opps, Onpage Audits, & More


​One of the most common questions we hear from beginner SEOs is:”How do I complete an SEO Audit?”.Well there is a lot that goes into an audit including: selecting keywords,scouting your competition,looking at SERPS,uncovering link building opportunities,& looking at your target URL’s onsite optimization.In this video I take you thru SEM RUSH and a few…

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Free Private SEO Mastermind For Digital Marketing Consultants

SEO & Digital Marketing Community

  Somebody please help me. I haven’t been able to sleep the last four nights. If somebody can please solve this riddle for me…. ….For crying out loud, why are 3 of the best NBA all riding a giant inflatable banana together out somewhere in the caribbean? But more importantly why is there never a…

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Best Free SEO Keyword Research Tool Strategy

best SEO keyword research tool

With SEO the battle is often won before it even begins. I’m of course referring to keyword research. Depending on what keywords you target you are almost guaranteed to rank. On the flip side; choose the wrong keywords and you could be facing a lot of difficulty. Brushing up on some newer SEO keyword strategy,…

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Pinterest Marketing Secrets – 2 Great Tips (For Local SEO & Driving Web Traffic)

Pinterest Marketing Tips

So I’m sitting here on my rooftop, poolside on a gorgeous Friday afternoon with a view overlooking downtown San Diego. It’s a holiday in the corporate world but I’m out here getting some extra work in. What a day. So back to what I am currently doing….  I was mapping out some new strategies and tasks…

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The Best EverGreen Local SEO Course On the Market

Best local SEO Course

UPDATED & Still Recommended as of: February, 17th, 2017–> Written in February of 2016.There are a lot of SEO courses on the market but when it comes to local SEO there is only 1 I will ever recommend, Stephen Floyd ‘s BulletProof Local SEO. BulletProof Local is a comprehensive SEO course that will have you absolutely…

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How to Get Local SEO Clients – Top 6 Strategies

How to Get Local SEO Clients

Leads and Client Acquisition. If you can master lead generation, you’ll always have a successful online business. In my opinion your ability to acquire new cold leads (outside of referrals or networking) is absolutely crucial to your success if you’re doing any type of client work online. Yes it’s important to know how to rank…

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The Top 5 SEO Link Building Strategies of 2016 (Video Compilation)

Top Link buiding strategies

Link building. A topic and strategic skill that all SEOs should always be researching, learning, testing, and implementing. But you’re busy, don’t know who to trust when it comes to advice on link building, and aren’t up to date on working strategies. Not to worry my fellow SEO friend; here are the top 5 SEO link…

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The Absolute Easiest Way to Get Local SEO CLIENTS in 2016 –

Dino Gomez talks local SEO clients

Endless Local SEO Clients, It’s All in the Numbers. What if you could land SEO clients from the gym, hiking, from your couch, while still at your 9-5 job, or while traveling the world in another country. That would be fan-fing-tastic. Pardon my Spanish. Well you can. And I’m not talking about having to put…

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How to Hire a Content Writer to Write Viral Style Blog Posts For Your Clients

seo tips and tricks dino gomez seo

Want to dramatically increase the traffic and leads that you bring your SEO clients? You better want to, or you’re just a dumb dumb. (oh I was gentle there.) But for those who still don’t see the light, the more value and business you bring your clients; the more you can charge. Now I’ve got…

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Lucian Harhata On Signing International and Local SEO Clients With 1 Video Marketing Trick!

SEo Tips and Tricks

    About This Episode We interview client SEO expert, Lucian Harhata, on how to sign international and local SEO Clients See how Lucian uses 1 video marketing trick to differentiate himself from all other SEOs See where is the best place to find your first SEO client See how Lucian picks up his best…

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