The Top 5 SEO Link Building Strategies of 2016 (Video Demo)

The Top 5 SEO Link Building Strategies of 2016 (Video Compilation)

Link building.

A topic and strategic skill that all SEOs should always be researching, learning, testing, and implementing.

But you’re busy, don’t know who to trust when it comes to advice on link building, and aren’t up to date on working strategies.

Not to worry my fellow SEO friend; here are the top 5 SEO link building strategies with YouTube video walk thru demos of how to do the technique.

Note: These are videos I researched, use, and or had bookmarked as great tutorial videos. There are hundreds of link building strategies but most are undocumented in video format (huge opportunity for an experienced SEO to teach each strategy on camera…. hint hint).

Guestrophics (Brian Dean)

-Great for authority links

-Great for link relevancy

-Great for driving exposure & direct website traffic

-Great for link diversity (mix in with PBN link building)


IFTT Automated Link Building (Mathew Woodward)

-Great for buffer links (to mix in before PBN links)

-Great for automation (time saving)

-Great for clients/ websites that produce content regularly

-Can buy “Done for you” IFTT link building setup on fiverr.


PBN Link Building (Alex Becker)

-Strong backlink

-Control anchor text and relevancy


-Tactic used by almost all SEO experts now

-Buy “Done 4 You” PBNS if you’re not technical on Source Market



Forum Posting, Web 2.0s (Lazy Ass Stoner)

-Super simple

-Relevant by niche

-Can drive traffic

-Can be outsourced with other white hat link building on Source Market



Citation Building For Local SEO (Weird dude, named Dino Gomez)

-Easy and affordable


-Recommended link building strategy by Google (local directories)

-Can outsource citation building on Source Market


Stay tuned, as very soon we’ll be detailing the top SEO link building experts and their blogs as many experts don’t shoot awesome videos like the ones featured above that are public.

Did any of the videos above strike a fancy?

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