SEM RUSH DEMO - Keyword Research - Onsite Audit - Link Building Tips

Beginner SEO: Using SEM Rush to Uncover Keywords, Link Building Opps, Onpage Audits, & More


One of the most common questions we hear from beginner SEOs is:

"How do I complete an SEO Audit?".

Well there is a lot that goes into an audit including:

  • selecting keywords,
  • scouting your competition,
  • looking at SERPS,
  • uncovering link building opportunities,
  • & looking at your target URL's onsite optimization.

In this video I take you thru SEM RUSH and a few a of the ways I've found it to be massively helpful for launching an effective SEO Campaign and conducting an audit.

Beginner SEO: Using SEM RUSH Like a Pro

SEM RUSH can be challenging if you're never used it before.

It has a very user friendly interface but it also has many features that go unused if you don't understand all that it can do.

So to that we jump in a ridiculous inflatable speed boat raft (WTF) in Mexico, onto an ATV, and drive into the depths of the mountains where I am able to secure wifi and bust out a 20 minute demo for you.

Lets begin.

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