Best Free SEO Keyword Research Tool Strategy

With SEO the battle is often won before it even begins.

I’m of course referring to keyword research.

Depending on what keywords you target you are almost guaranteed to rank.

On the flip side; choose the wrong keywords and you could be facing a lot of difficulty.

Brushing up on some newer SEO keyword strategy, I recently came across a killer video on Youtube for finding excellent terms.

Props go out to this guy named Brendan Mace who shows off an excellent and super easy strategy for finding great terms.

(Watch the keyword research video first and then check out our video on how to rank Youtube videos using Source Market beneath it. By combining these both videos you’ll be able to rank videos on the first page of Google in a few hours.)


Best SEO Keyword Research Tool


How to Rank A YouTube Video in 15 Minutes


Gig #1: 100 Youtube Video Embeds – Recommend buying the $5 gig extra for indexing and a power up.

Gig #2: 250 Article Sites, 300 Social Signals, and 125 web 2.0s – no gig extra necessary.

Gig #3: PBN Embed, 50 Web 2.0 embeds, and social signals – no gig extra necessary.

Gig #4: 1000 YouTube views, 50 likes, 50 subscribers, & 5 comments – no gig extra necessary. 

Gig #5: Wirecast Upload – Recommend buying the $7 gig extra for brand new YouTube channel. 



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