How to Hire a Content Writer to Write Viral Style Blog Posts

How to Hire a Content Writer to Write Viral Style Blog Posts For Your Clients

Want to dramatically increase the traffic and leads that you bring your SEO clients?

You better want to, or you’re just a dumb dumb. (oh I was gentle there.)

But for those who still don’t see the light, the more value and business you bring your clients; the more you can charge.

Now I’ve got your attention.

So lets talk about how to increase traffic and leads for your clients so you can charge more skrilla for your marketing.

The best way to increase web traffic and leads to your client’s site is with inbound marketing. (just read any Neil Patel or Hubspot blog post)

But we all know writing killer blog posts sucks, is time consuming, resource heavy, difficult, and boring.

So today, we are going to show you how to hire a content writer to write killer viral style blog posts for you and for your clients!

Get ready this is a good one.


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Himanshu Gupta - May 23, 2015

Hi, really nice video… Can you please do another video on how to measure website ranking in particular keywords (Maybe even tell us about cron) and what tools you use to measure your efficiency (change in ranks for keywords etc.)?

    Dino Gomez - May 26, 2015

    You got it Himanshu. What I plan to do is review the top 3 SEO ranking tools in further depth in a soon to be new video.

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