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Somebody please help me.

I haven’t been able to sleep the last four nights.

If somebody can please solve this riddle for me….

….For crying out loud, why are 3 of the best NBA all riding a giant inflatable banana together out somewhere in the caribbean? But more importantly why is there never a “role player” or a bench player seen hanging out with these guys?

lebron james banana boat meme

You see there’s more going on to this photo than just some friends having fun on vacation.

You see somebody smart once said, The greatest success hack of all time is to surround yourself with successful people.

That’s it. It’s rather easy. And that’s what’s going on.

Think about it, why is it that the best NBA players are all friends with each other.

Why aren’t they close friends with college teammates or high school teammates?

Why do celebrities hang out with other celebrities?

Why do billionaires hang out with other billionaires?

It’s easy. Birds of a feather.

So it’s time we all start hanging out with one another as well and create a community to learn, grow, teach, share, and help one another to the top.


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