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Pinterest Marketing Secrets – 2 Great Tips (For Local SEO & Driving Web Traffic)

So I’m sitting here on my rooftop, poolside on a gorgeous Friday afternoon with a view overlooking downtown San Diego.

It’s a holiday in the corporate world but I’m out here getting some extra work in.

What a day.

So back to what I am currently doing….  I was mapping out some new strategies and tasks for my team members to carry out for our marketing clients when it dawned on me…. You’d probably like a glance at what tasks I’m delegating to them.

Specifically I was working on adding a Pinterest marketing strategy. Let’s have a look.

How to Drive Traffic with Pinterest (The One High Level Strategy & Simple Strategy)

Pinterest can be goldmine for driving free website traffic depending on your money site or client’s industry.

It is an absolute must for just about any ecommerce business especially if your product is of interest to women.

As with any social network there are optimization tricks that allow you to maximize the reach of your posting efforts.

Pinterest is no different. By optimizing your images, text, including links, adding comments, creating boards…. etc; you can ensure you maximize the exposure and click thru rates of your pins back to your website.

We’re going to detail a portion of this today in a video to come.

How to Use Pinterest For Local SEO Gains

Pinterest can also be used as a great supplement to your SEO efforts.

You can build great social signals from Pinterest for your client’s and in particular there is a great local SEO strategy that exists.

Let’s get to this video already, I can’t write anymore….




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Brian Lichtig - April 7, 2016

The address does not stick into the image. I would check your settings
again! You go back into the image and the address does not save. Any
reason Why?

    Dino Gomez - April 7, 2016

    Hi Brian, what you’ll want to do is search for your local business name in the “address” section of the pinterest image. If your business already has existing citations on the web (mainly a four square listing) then you can enter the business name just like on Facebook when you “check” into a local business. This saves the location as a citation. Adding the address seems to be hit or miss. First search your business name. We’ll be updating this with other Pinterest tips in the next related video.

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