The Top 5 SEO Link Building Strategies of 2016 (Video Compilation)

Top Link buiding strategies

Link building. A topic and strategic skill that all SEOs should always be researching, learning, testing, and implementing. But you’re busy, don’t know who to trust when it comes to advice on link building, and aren’t up to date on working strategies. Not to worry my fellow SEO friend; here are the top 5 SEO link…

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The Biggest Mistake I Made The First Two Years of Running an SEO Business

Dino Gomez in Melbourne, Australia

The first two years of running my own SEO business I worked damn hard. We’re talking 70 and sometimes 80 hour workweeks. In fact I still work damn hard and put in close to 55 hours a week while always still thinking business, listening to business podcasts in the gym, talking business on the phone…

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SEO Pricing & Sales – Handling an Inbound Lead Over the Phone

SEO sales meme

“Perhaps your favorite dessert is strawberry cheesecake. Excellent choice! Now, if you were to go fishing, would you bait your hook with cheesecake? Of course not — that’s what you like, but fish prefer worms. Lloyd George, Great Britain’s Prime Minister during World War I, who stayed in power long after the other wartime leaders…

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The Absolute Easiest Way to Get Local SEO CLIENTS in 2016 –

Dino Gomez talks local SEO clients

Endless Local SEO Clients, It’s All in the Numbers. What if you could land SEO clients from the gym, hiking, from your couch, while still at your 9-5 job, or while traveling the world in another country. That would be fan-fing-tastic. Pardon my Spanish. Well you can. And I’m not talking about having to put…

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Top 5 YouTube Video SEO Gigs on Source Market

Dino Gomez in New York video recording

How I Snagged 8 of the top 10 positions on Google in 15 Minutes Here’s my story. I uploaded a video, The Top 5 Local SEO Gigs, to YouTube.  Then I went to Source Market and bought 5 different gigs. I spent about $30 (probably less) and within 10 days had 8/10 top positions on…

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Top 5 Local SEO Service Gigs For Easy Rankings

top local seo service gigs Dino Gomez

Want to get your website or your client’s website to page 1 of Google in your city? Not sure how to do link building for local SEO? Worry not my compadre, because in this episode of Dynamik 365 I walk you thru step by step exactly what to do and where you buy links so…

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Best Instagram scheduling app for Iphone and Mac

Instagram scheduling app

Instagram. It has become a massive social network and has become the backbone to a lot of lead generation and branding campaigns online. It can also be used as a great and powerful local citation source for your local SEO campaigns similarly to our Pinterest citation hack. The problem is that it a very tedious…

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How To Automate SEO Accounting & SEO Proposals

SEO accounting and proposals

Tired of wasting time at the end of each month managing your accounting? Yeah accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, excel spreadsheets, keeping track of which client’s have paid you… it all sucks and it takes the fun out of being and entrepreneur. That’s exactly why I’m going to introduce you to the exact two systems I use…

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How to Hire a Content Writer to Write Viral Style Blog Posts For Your Clients

seo tips and tricks dino gomez seo

Want to dramatically increase the traffic and leads that you bring your SEO clients? You better want to, or you’re just a dumb dumb. (oh I was gentle there.) But for those who still don’t see the light, the more value and business you bring your clients; the more you can charge. Now I’ve got…

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How to Triple Your Inbound SEO Leads in 10 Minutes

SEO tips and tricks

Every SEO consultant, agency, and marketing firm can use more SEO leads. The question is, how do we generate more leads without spending advertising dollars, writing blog posts, or cold calling business owners? That’s right, we’re all lazy and want a shortcut. Well we found one and are happy to share our tip with you all…

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