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PBN Vendors, Safety, Streamlined Management

Optimization. It doesn’t just apply to websites.

There is also business optimization. Let me be clear. This is different than systemization. Some systems can be super complex.

Now systemization is necessary but we’re talking about business optimization right now.

Business optimization is more like getting the most bang for your buck. Or, maximizing results while minimizing output.

When it comes to PBNs; there are some routes that will help you get the most bang for your buck.

PBN Type Results Without hundreds of Excel Spreadsheets

Resources Mentioned:

1). Easy Blog Networks 

PBN Vendors:

1). Matt Diggity (Best in the business)

*Can't stress this enough. Matt's PBNs are simply as good as they get! ​

2). SEO Fastlane (Robin Ooi)

PBN Builds:

PBN Butler (Great source for citations, social signals, web 2.0's....will be reviewing PBN build further in a future video!)​

PBN Linking Notes:

1). Would recommend testing a Source Market vendor's links prior to sending links to a money site. Lotta great sellers on there but the volume of orders changes things in terms of quality/ safety and the testimonials for Matt's links are thru the roof every time. 

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