Matt Diggity 6 Figure SEO Podcast: Beyond a 35 Employee Affiliate SEO Business

Matt Diggity is genius behind an incredible blog and affiliate SEO business with over 35 team members.

A 35 person affiliate SEO do the math.... this guy puts up massive numbers & has an incredible system in place in order to do so.

On Matt's blog you'll find some of the industry's best actionable SEO tips and advice including his free ever green onsite SEO guide.

I highly recommend you all go download that & sleep with it under your pillow.

6 Figure SEO Podcast Interview With Matt Diggity

Recently Matt was in town (San Diego, CA) on vacation visiting from Chiang Mai, Thailand where he runs his full time operation.

We got together and Matt was brave enough to do what no other interviewee has done before.... he agreed to enter the SEO Vault for an exclusive in person interview

to reveal some of his best SEO tips and strategies.

We tripled security, ran fingerprint scans, and entered the vault for a 45 minute recording.

In this exclusive video podcast recording you’ll discover:

  • How Matt entered the SEO industry & generated his first revenue online
  • How Matt strategically scaled his affiliate SEO business over 35 team members
  • Why Matt no longer hires "virtual assistants" & instead why he hires "this" type of person
  • Matt's best technical SEO "hack" for getting results
  • The absolute key to affiliate SEO success
  • How Matt chooses a niche
  • The day to day operations of CEO, Matt
  • The key to "SEO testing"
  • Matt's favorite SEO tools & a whole lot more

You'd be crazy not to watch this interview at least 3x. I recommend you sit on every one of Matt's words.

Resources Mentioned

1). LeadSpring - Your chance to partner with Matt on a 50/50 share (must be generating affiliate revenue first)

2). SerpWoo - Monitor the SERPs, Track Competitors, Historic Keyword Rankings

3). Open Link Profiler: Free backlink profiler

4). DiggityMarketing – Be sure to download Matt’s EverGreen SEO on-site Guide!

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