Facebook Ads for SEOs - Dino's Course & Interview with Daryl Rosser

Facebook Ads For SEOs

Since 2013 I've been running Facebook Ads.

Yup, it's been my little secret. (Although not very secret since I posted several training videos on YouTube many years ago on exactly this.)

Regardless you'd be foolish to not run Facebook Ads in 2017. 

Facebook Ads are incredible for SEOs for the following reasons:

  • Easy to Upsell Clients $1000 - $2000/month on avg to run FB Ads
  • Get immediate results for your clients so they don't pester you as much
  • Amplify your keyword rankings by providing verified traffic and social signals
  • Retargeting ads increases conversions which helps massively with client retention (no leads for client = your fired eventually) 

Interview With Daryl Rosser on Lion Zeal Show

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with Daryl Rosser on the Lion Zeal show to discuss exactly this. Facebook Ads with your SEO campaigns. 

I give away a ton of FB Ad secrets so be sure to check it out below. 

Per popular demand I've also released a course called Facebook Ads for SEOs where I show you how to set up killer FB Ads, get clicks for pennies, make your ads go viral, generate leads, and more.

​The course has raving reviews and hasn't even been open but 2 weeks. I haven't even done a hard sell of it yet per wanting to ensure my early students receive enough 1v1 attention from me. 

I think as an SEO expert and someone with 3 years experience running ads + with experience teaching.... that the technical portions of FB Ads come naturally to me and my ability to articulate that back to my students shows better than most instructors. It's a strong suit of mine.

Early students are saying it's better than any other FB ads course they have from those "known FB AD marketers". ​

It also serves them better because it's taught be an SEO expert so I show you how to incorporate it into your current ranking strategies and campaign.​

​Anyways sign up for the webinar for some super solid free training and to learn more about the course at the end, here. 

Killer Facebook Ad Tips Are Coming​

Also, stay tuned because I'll be dripping out some freebie tips and strategies here on the blog along with in our private FB group. ​

Here are some tips I've already dropped:

Free Video Case Study:
The Best Business Model of 2020