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Funnel Consultant Society

Funnel Consultant Society is Dino Gomez's first paid digital marketing program and is designed to do two things. 

1). Allow Beginner & Experienced Marketers to add an additional and minimum 30k in annual revenue to their business.

2). Allows beginner and experienced marketers to deliver immediate results, traffic, leads, and sales to their clients. 

Who Should Take Dino's Course?

This digital marketing program was designed specifically for beginner & experienced consultants to quickly and easily develop a mastery of Facebook Advertising. 

Who is This Course Not For?

Funnel Consultant Society is not for anyone looking for a "get rich scheme", who is lazy, or who has a "negative" attitude.

​Why Facebook Advertising?

For many years now Facebook ads have been my secret weapon. Youtube search "Facebook retargeting ads" and you'll see I've been in the Facebook ads game long before the rest. (circa 2013)

Facebook Ads allow me to do the following:

  • Provide immediate results to my clients while SEO or other marketing builds
  • Increase verified Traffic, reviews, social signals, and brand queries for clients (in order to boost rankings)
  • Drive immediate sales, leads, and revenue for my clients. 
  • Ensure I'm in control of results for my campaigns (rather than Google)​
  • Allow me to rest easy at night (without worrying about keyword rankings as my only source for providing results)​
  • Allow me to sign 3x more clients with a more encompassing digital marketing offer
  • Allow me to retain 100% of clients past the initial contract term

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