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How to Generate Leads with LinkedIn – Incredible Tips & Software



So I have several close childhood friends who recently (within the last 2 years) have become some type of digital marketing consultant.

They are all doing well.

But I noticed that some of them have major ups and downs in their business.

For instance if they lose a client they are on the fritts until they find a new one because they dearly miss that income.

The friends that have these waves of good and bad months have a business model where most their income comes from referrals of friends or family.

Now referrals are absolutely incredible and have worked tremendously for me as well.

However if you rely solely on referrals and have no skill set yourself on how to generate leads…. then your business is always in someone else’s hands and you’ll have these up and down months where business is good or business is bad.

What if you Learned Client Acquisition

Now if  you learn client acquisition yourself and master it; you’ll be able to generate new business whenever you want.

Doesn’t that seem like a much better option… to generate business whenever you want more.

Best of all if you know how to generate leads for yourself; you can apply those same strategies for your clients.

And when you get your clients leads… they stick with you a looooong time!


Alright enough jabber, you get the picture.

Here’s a great client lead gen strategy I’ve been using of late.

Hope you enjoy!

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