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Note: Be sure to add your own details, privacy policy, and TOS to each landing page prior to driving advertising traffic to that page. 

Target: Gyms, Fitness Centers, Kickboxing, Yoga Studios

Offer: Discount offer and incentive to call on Thank you Page!

gym Facebook Ads

Target: Dentist, Chiropractor, Health & Wellness service based business.

Offer: Discount

dental landing page

Offer: Discount 

Audience: Lost Website Traffic 

The local business retargeting funnel is perfect for running retargeting ads to lost website visitors. With this funnel you'll want to offer your lost traffic on Facebook a 'discount" or "coupon" for returning for a purchase. Use this funnel to increase conversions after traffic has bounced from your primary offer. 

local business funnel

The Key to Any working Funnel is A/B Testing. Audiences respond differently per city/ state/ country to the same landing pages.

A Lead Generation Niche Site Perfect for attracting new digital clients in one vertical. 

This funnel is actually a website. It is a lead generation machine. It incorporates an automated webinar where you sell your digital marketing services. The foundation is to create "3" pieces of killer content. These 3 pieces of content will become the cornerstones of your blog. Drive traffic to each cornerstone piece of content. Retarget lost traffic to the next cornerstone piece of content. Build trust without selling directly. Use lead capture forms at the top and bottom of your blog posts to capture leads. 

niche funnels

Target: Potential Clients 

Offer: Training materials, lead magnet 

About: Every entrepreneur needs to have a branded website. This is a website with your domain on it. It acts as a central hub for you to link out to all your various projects. An absolutely must for branding and serial entrepreneurs. 

Example: http://dinogomez.org/ 

dino gomez

Target: Lead Generation for Chiropractors / Surgeons

Offer: Discounted 1st time offer

About:  The perfect professional looking funnel for chiropractors and surgeons. This funnel offers a special introductory offer on the landing page and uses highly quality design to establish trust.  

chiropractor funnel

Congruency between your ads and your landing page offer are crucial to conversions rates. 

Target: Increase Book Sales + Upsell on backend

Offer: Discounted 1st time offer

About:  Russell Brunson used this exact funnel to sell thousands of copies of his book to up-sell his digital training products on the backend.  

book funnel

Target: Potential Clients 

Offer: Training materials, lead magnet 

About: Great PDF lead capture funnel that runs well to niches audiences. Simply put together a PDF outlining the strategies your ideal client needs to be implementing then offer up this lead magnet in return for their contact details. 

PDF lead capture funnel

Target: Lead Generation for Selling Clients or Stuents Info Products

Offer: Free training 

About:  The Webinar Funnel contains all the pages and sequences you'll need to run a successful Webinar. Simply connect your auto-responder, drive traffic, and capture leads/ sales. 

webinar funnel

Want a lower CPC running Facebook Ads? Run ads on mobile only. They tend to be cheaper. 

Target: Generate leads for real estate agent's selling property. 

Offer: Get access to new commercial/ residential properties for sale. 

About:   Use this funnel to generate buyer leads for real estate agents and property developers. 

real estate buyer's funnel

Target: Potential consumers.

Offer: Special discount offer on trial, then two upsells (OTO 1, OT2).

About: Great funnel including two one time offers (up-sells) to increase average life time value of a customer. 

supplement funnel

Target: Lead Generation for Selling high ticket coaching program.

Offer: Your experience, testimonials, results. 

About:  A 3 page funnel on how you can take your prospect's business to new heights with your coaching services. 

High Ticket Coaching Funnel

Make sure to use different ad images and copy for your retargeting. If your audience didn't bite the first time you need to change your approach.  

Target: Generate leads for a yoga studio. 

Offer: Make a great initial trial offer. 

About:   Use this funnel to generate leads for yoga studios via a great initial offer. Use the thank you page to create further urgency to redeem their coupon special. 


Target: Potential consumers.

Offer: Free plus shipping offer then multiple up sell pages. 

About: Great funnel for ecommerce clients and shops. High converting front end trip wire offer and great back up up sells. 

ecomm funnel

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