Facebook Ad Hack: How to Cut CPC's in Half!


Facebook Ad Stacking 

One of the biggest factors relating to how well your Facebook ads perform is how much social proof your ads have. If you think about it; it's hard to ignore those Facebook ads that have hundreds of comments and questions. You see the crowds and want to know about the hype. So you investigate further. 

This is the strategy behind Facebook Ad Stacking. We want to build as much social proof on our Facebook ads prior to scaling the campaign as much as possible. 

How do we do this? 

Simple. We take the share URL of the Facebook ad and pass that along to friends, groups, previous customers, and communities. We let the ad id build social proof while the ad is still paused. Then once we have enough positive engagement on the ad id; we turn the ad live and watch the snow ball effect take place!

If you're new to Facebook advertising then this might be a little bit over your head. Not to worry. I have a Free Facebook Ads course you can register for here to help you get your feet wet!




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