Step 2: How to Build a Website in 30 Minutes Flat 

The second step to building an online business is getting a website up. You don't need a website to get clients or make money online but you will at some point to grow bigger. Now is the best time to build one.  

Note: I recommend the "Avada Theme".

Note: Your website will never be perfect. Don't Spend Countless hours trying to make it look so. 

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    Choose a Domain/Brand That Doesn't Lock You Down to 1 Industry or niche (you may want to pivot later). 
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    Try to grab Your Personal Domain Name (ie. or 
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    Don't Aim for Perfect. Aim for Basic for starters. Once you've built up more cash flow, circle back around to perfect

All you need is a basic website that is functional where you can send potential clients to learn more about your services, post case studies of results, and have the option to contact you. Imperfect action wins the online marketing game. This industry moves fast. Stay Dynamik 365 days of the year.

Once you are done, post your website in our private Facebook group for feedback. Join us below. 

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