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Optimization. It doesn’t just apply to websites.There is also business optimization. Let me be clear. This is different than systemization. Some systems can be super complex. Now systemization is necessary but we’re talking about business optimization right now. Business optimization is more like getting the most bang for your buck. Or, maximizing results while minimizing output. When it […]

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Beginner SEO: Using SEM Rush to Uncover Keywords, Link Building Opps, Onpage Audits, & More

​One of the most common questions we hear from beginner SEOs is:”How do I complete an SEO Audit?”.Well there is a lot that goes into an audit including: selecting keywords,scouting your competition,looking at SERPS,uncovering link building opportunities,& looking at your target URL’s onsite optimization.In this video I take you thru SEM RUSH and a few […]

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