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2 Facebook Ad Hack: Window Retargeting

Want to take your Facebook advertising to a new level?You’ll want to start with easy wins and warm audiences. For this we’ll look at a retargeting hack that is highly underutilized. The window stack. The window stack is a principle that allows you to ensure you hit your audience with different ads in different sequences.  Have a look […]

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How to Get Facebook Advertising Clients

Facebook Ads are all the rage.  You’ve heard about them, seen them, purchased from them, and want to run them.  Even better your current clients want the​m as do your future clients.  So how do you get started running Facebook Ads?Enroll in my Free Facebook Ads Mini Course (watch me setup a campaign) ​Sign a Facebook Ad […]

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Facebook Ads For SEOs

Since 2013 I’ve been running Facebook Ads. Yup, it’s been my little secret. (Although not very secret since I posted several training videos on YouTube many years ago on exactly this.) Regardless you’d be foolish to not run Facebook Ads in 2017.  Facebook Ads are incredible for SEOs for the following reasons:Easy to Upsell Clients $1000 – $2000/month […]

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2 Secret Client SEO Weapons

Do you work in a particular vertical market? Ever run multiple client or affiliate SEO campaigns and for some reason 1 of your websites doesn’t rank when you do almost the same thing to each one? You may be experiencing Google’s “Random Ranking Factor” which is simply a bad luck game….​ Your rankings may be stuck but they […]

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SEO PBN Vendors

PBN Vendors, Safety, Streamlined Management

Optimization. It doesn’t just apply to websites.There is also business optimization. Let me be clear. This is different than systemization. Some systems can be super complex. Now systemization is necessary but we’re talking about business optimization right now. Business optimization is more like getting the most bang for your buck. Or, maximizing results while minimizing output. When it […]

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