September Facebook Ad Update - Dynamik 365

September Facebook Ad Update

​The September Funnel Consultant Society Recap ​ :

  • ​​The 10k Club is Now Open

What is "That 10k Club?" It is our way of recognizing those members that have done $10,000 or more since joining the FUNCO fam. ​ If you've hit this personal income marker, we want to recognize you with a custom T-Shirt Plus we want to display your name + photo + Contact info on a custom designed directly site to be a recommended white label partner.​

  • ​Instagram Ad Placement Launched called "explore" 

This basically means your ad will appear in the instagram search engine when people are looking for new content.

  • ​The Latest Facebook Updates

Some of the latest facebook updates include how you can target post on your fan page, updates to ad targeting for their non-discrimination policy, and the mobile ad layouts.

  • ​Shout out to those members in the Funnel Consultant Society having great success

Congrats to Petri Maatta He generated 3 SEO B2B leads in 24hrs for only $1.69 and to Shane McCormick crushing is clients campaign. He received a Text message from his client stating, "We have a backlog of almost 1mill on installations from previous months." As well as to Jim Swan For working hard on his client campaign and getting 12 leads in 15 hours for only 76 cents in the real estate niche!

​Learn why members are raving about Funnel Consultant Society here....

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