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The Top 10 Things To Do In Bali, Indonesia [Complete Guide]

The Top 10 Things To Do In Bali, Indonesia

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It's on every marketer's bucket list to do...

But many don't accomplish it.

What are we talking about? 

A trip to The Tropics.

Here's the backstory. 

Over the past few years I've spent months visiting various countries at a time.

To name a few... Greece, Spain, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Mexico...

Among those countries, I've visited dozens of cities. 

Tell ya 1 thing. 

Lean in closely.

Bali, Indonesia, tops the list.

It is an internet marketers haven.

Close your eyes.

Picture this...

.... turquoise waters.

Delicious foods.

Tropical weather.

Friendly people. 

Great wifi.

Trendy beach towns. 

Great surf. 

​Spectacular waterfalls. 

Breath-taking rice patties. 

Incredible night life.

Affordable shopping.

Drinks galore. 

"Internet marketers are flocking by the 1000's to visit Bali every year. For good reason too. It's simply the best place on earth."

My first visit to the dream lands of Bali was in October of 2017.

I've been counting down the days till I get to visit again.

Most marketers never get the chance to visit....

But should the opportunity present itself, I have one word for you.


With so much to see and do, should you plan to visit, you'll need an itinerary. 

Here are my top 10 Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia. 

#10: Take a Surf Lesson

surf lessons indonesia
surfing changgu

Surfing is a very popular activity in Bali.

With beginner friendly breaks, it is an ideal location to pick up the sport. 

Sure, many countries offer surfing but the conditions are not always suitable to the newbies.

But in Bali, you'll find gentle waves & friendly locals who are more than willing to share the rides with you.

Littered among the beaches are family-owned surf shacks where you can rent a board for a few bucks an hour. 

No idea on God's green earth what you are doing? 

The Balinese people are quick to offer you super cheap lessons and will help you experience the thrill of riding your first wave.

Pro Tip: Bring Your GoPro to capture every moment.

#9: Stroll The Ridge Walk

ridge walk bali
sexy girl bali
bali ridge walk drone

Amidst the rolling hills and rice patties of Ubud, Bali is an incredible hiking trail by the name, The Ridge Walk. 

This hiking trail spans an estimated mile and as the name suggests sits amongst the crest of several tropical valleys.

Enjoy an early morning or evening stroll as you walk along hand laid stepping stones with 360-degree views of the tropical surroundings.

As somebody who loves hiking, this is a must do. 

Pro Tip: Walk to the end of The Ridge Walk to find yourself in downtown Ubud & grab a refreshing morning coffee or ice cold beer.

Any local taxi cab driver can get you there.

#8: Visit The Hipster Town Of Canggu

Top things to do in Bali
canggu motor bikes

I spent a full 7 days hanging out in the trendy and up-coming town of Canggu on my last trip to Bali. 

This place is a wonderland for coffee shops, co-working spaces, dive-bars, and beach side restaurants. 

It is the cool spot to be and be seen and is home to a large internet marketing community. 

Bring your sunglasses & put your hair in a man bud if you can.

Style counts in this town.

Rent yourself a scooter for about 10 USD a day and get lost in this surfer town. 

You'll find great shopping, famous surf breaks, & the best nightlife. 

No sweatshirts or pants required. 

In fact they aren't required anywhere in Bali.... 

The vibe of this town is the reason I always aim to return to Bali every year.

Relaxation mode on 100%.

Pro Tip: Visit La Brisa during the day & you'll find yourself walking into a Peter Pan treehouse that doubles as a beach front restaurant & day club.

​Reggae music and chill vibes will have your mind drifting away.

Bring your swim suit, pull up a bean bag chair, and order yourself a few cocktails.

You'll never want to wake up from this dream.

Tropics Mastermind 2019, Bali, Indonesia

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#7: Bask In The Rice Patties of Ubud

rice patties Ubud
bali sexy woman

Ubud, is known as "central" Bali and is most famous for thousands of acres of rice patties.

You'll quickly spot local farmers tending to their patties as early as the sun rises. 

There is a unique peacefulness that comes with visiting Ubud. 




The observation of the tradition that is farming rice is something magical. 

​It is an art form. 

And it is beautiful to see in person. 

​Amongst the rolling hills you'll find plenty of local resorts to host your accommodation. 

Tiff and I woke up each morning to enjoy a gorgeous sunrise in this inland oasis with a private pool to enjoy an afternoon dip. 

You'll find great deals on what would otherwise be expensive accommodations in Bali.

​Amidst Ubud, you'll find plenty of things to do including a visit to the Bali Swing, hiking, The Ridge Walk, a quaint downtown area with tremendous eateries, & beyond. 

You'll come to central Bali to be closer in striking distance to hike waterfalls and visit temples & explore forests. 

But you'll mostly come to relax & to enjoy the serenity. 

​Pro Tip: Ask the concierge at any resort or accommodation to help you arrange an early visit to your main attraction. Private tour guides are affordable & will help you experience the beauty of Bali without the crowds.

#6: Wonder at The Great Sekumpul Waterfalls

waterfalls in Bali
water falls ubud

The Sekumpul Waterfalls is one of the many monumental natural attractions I haven't had the personal experience of visiting yet.

Oh, but I will. 

A 40 min hike from the drop off spot the waterfalls are away from the majority of other tourist attractions. 

Photos display an incredible rainbow that appears at the foot of the falls on a sunny day. 

This is one of the first things I'll be doing on next visit to Bali. 

Follow me on Instagram because I'll be posting pics of this adventure soon. 

Pro Tip: Coming soon. 

#5: Dip Your Toes In At Diamond Beach

diamond beach bali


When you're visiting the Tropics you'll find natural landscape hard-pressed to find in the States or any major country. 

Diamond Beach Bali Swing

That is why you'll come to Diamond Beach. 

Limestone cliffs overhang white sandy beaches and turquoise-blue waters. 

The perfect spot for a picturesque photoshoot & otherwise a surreal experience. 

Dimond Beach is located in Nusa Pena & is one of Bali's mainland nearby islands. 

You'll need a boat to get there and have plenty of tour guides to choose from. 

On all of our trips to any tropical paradise we've always valued boat trips as the main priority. 

You travel great distances to these small countries & islands and we believe a boat tour is the best way to gain the full experience. 

Pro Tip: If you have the cash, chartering a private boat from a local fisherman or charter boat service is the way to go.  

We first look to bring friends on these journeys or otherwise aim to make acquaintances at our resort or in town that would be interested in sharing the strategic expense of chartering a private boat. 

If you can't afford a private boat charter the local group tours are very affordable and you'll have the chance to meet other incredible people.

#4: Play with Furry Friends in Monkey Forest, Ubud

Monkey forest ubud


monkey forest
ubud monkies

Ubud, comes back onto our list with the attraction of Monkey Forest. 

An entire colony of these furry friends are waiting for your visit. 

​These monkies are said to be hilarious, outgoing, and athletic. 

Guard your valuables as they are quick to snatch your electronics, food, or wearables and take off into the treeline. 

Pro Tip: Hold onto your cell phone tight. No joke. I don't recommend selfies with these monkies as they are stronger and faster than you think. Have a friend or stranger take your photos while standing several feet back. 

#3: Get Stoked at Kelingking Nusa Penida

woman hiking nusa penida
sunset bali

Perhaps you've heard the whispers...

A Dinosaur awaits.

One of the most sought after but never completed hikes in Bali is that of Kelingking Nusa Penida.

A treacherous and steep downhill hike amidst the cliffside to get down to the soft white sandy beaches of this island.

The saying goes there is a clear T-Rex head that the island makes protruding into the oceans. 

The hike to the beaches can only be described as dangerous as there are loosely fit bamboo railings and only a dirt pathway leading down...

But let it be known you can still visit and enjoy the scenery from this spot without hiking the dangerous path to the beach. 

To get their you'll need a boat ride from Nusa Penida. 

Pro Tip: Again there are many tour charter services to help you make the journey with tour guides to lead the way at very reasonable prices. Another reason to make sure you get on a boat while visiting Bali. 

#2: Snag a Cooking Class, Watch A Cultural Dance Ceremony, or Discover Your Yogi

yoga in indonesia
Balinese cooking class
fire dance

If exercise and outdoor adventure isn't your thing, you're still covered in Bali. 

The wild beauty of the beaches and culture in itself will sweep you off your feet... but... there is still plenty more to do. 

Reserve yourself a cooking class and learn the arts of making some of the best dishes I've had in the world. 

You're friends will be awed when you prepare this for them upon your return.

Next, visit the beach bars found throughout the coastal towns and post up for hours on end with fruity cocktails and freshly made appetizers.

I can't say enough about just unwinding and sitting with oceanfront views. 

What more can you ask for? 

If you do want some light exercise Bali is known for hosting the best of the best yoga classes. 

Allow your stress to melt away as this cultural exercise is proven to have all type of health benefits.

Pro Tip: Most hotels or resorts offer some sort of yoga and or cooking classes. Book in advance as these classes can fill up quickly. 

#1: EAT, DRINK, & RELAX in Colorful Beach Bag Chairs Overlooking the Ocean

sunset bali
la plancha bali
Tiffany Ballard

Tiff and I stumbled across a gem of a beach side restaurant & bar by accident but we'll never forget it,

The name, "La Plancha".

La Plancha is a one of a kind experience offering up rainbow bean bag chairs, strong drinks, in-seat waiting staff, and incredible food

Wear your Hawaiian button-down shirt or cute tank top.

Really doesn't matter.

You're on the beach and there's no dress code. 

Then when you hear your stomach grumble, grab a few appetizers to share. 

This place is heaven. 

Down to the neon umbrellas that give you shade, it's something you only see in pictures online. 

Note, this is one of dozens and dozens of incredible beachside restaurants in Bali. 

There is no shortage so do a little research on the ones that are close to you in that part of town. 

Pro Tip: During high season these locations get crowded closer to sunset. Get there two hours before the crowds and simply relax. There's no reason to rush anyways. You won't want to leave your seat. 

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sunset bali

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