[Speedy] Facebook Ad Update: Campaign Budget Optimization Is Coming September 2019 - Dynamik 365

[Speedy] Facebook Ad Update: Campaign Budget Optimization Is Coming September 2019

[Speedy] Facebook Ad Update:
Campaign Budget Optimization Is Coming September 2019

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This post is part of our "speedy ad update" series, where in 3 minutes we aim to give you the juiciest news updates to keep an eye one. 

Facebook quietly announces a big change coming to campaign budget optimization later this year!

In short, starting in September, 2019 all ad campaigns will be forced to use "campaign budget optimization".

Campaign budget optimization means we will no longer set the budgets for our ad campaigns at the ad set level.

Instead we will be forced to set our ad budget a the campaign level.

The direct impact on this is that FB will then auto-optimize your ad budget across all the ad sets you have in that campaign.

Example: You're running a campaign to get webinar registrations. Inside that campaign you have 3 ad sets.

Ad set #1: Cold audience to register for your webinar

Ad set #2: Warm audience (people who visited your website in the last 30 days).

Ad set #3: Cold audience of Lookalikes of people who already registered for your webinar

Now lets say you wanted to budget $90/ day to get webinar registrations.

In the past you could budget $30 to each of your three ad sets in order to get webinar registrations.

Well, starting September you won't be able to tell Facebook that each ad set should get $30 equally.

You'll have to budget at the campaign level that you want to spend $90/day across all 3 ad sets.

From there Facebook will choose which of your ad sets gets that $90 in daily spend.

They might choose $10 for your warm audience and $40 for each of your cold audiences if their algorithm feels this will get you the most conversions.

Given that FB's algo is actually correct, this makes budgeting for your campaign easier.

But for advanced advertisers, it also limits your control over your campaigns and may ultimately force us to create dozens of campaigns with only 1 ad set per campaign so we can effectively control budget of each audience.

Craziness but again, this helps new advertisers more than anyone else & otherwise may create more work for advanced advertisers.

Whadda ya think?

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