Case Study: Facebook Ads to land SEO Clients: 18 leads with $100

Facebook Advertising to land SEO Clients: 18 leads in six days with $100

Case Study: Facebook Advertising To Land SEO Clients: 18 Leads in 6 days with $100 Spend

Note from Dino: Today’s post is a contribution from Andrew McBurney, one of our Funnel Consultant Society members. Andrew runs a company specializing in dental SEO marketing, My Practice Partner, and focuses on all things search engine optimization for dentists. That said, he’s intertwined Facebook in his own marketing efforts, and also uses them during his client’s SEO campaigns to help bolster results.

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"Attracting SEO clients is the biggest pain point I see running rampant in the online search marketing world. While there’s a lot of moving parts, a huge issue is simply standing out in such a crowded market."

Referrals are great, but it’s stressful not having a controllable and reliable lead source for new business. For me, that’s where Facebook ads changed the game and allowed me to go above and beyond referrals for new business.

In this post, I’m going to show you the exact details I used to get great results with Facebook marketing for my SEO business. Specifically, I was able to bring in 18 qualified business owners that were interested in online marketing for their business. 

And to be honest, I actually received more than 18 qualified leads. I’ll tell you how in this post.  We’re going to touch on the two things in this post: the tactical implementation, and the strategy behind it.

First, strategy. 

Advertising to a specific industry (or customer avatar) is important, and key to this campaign. Next, understanding what they want is crucial. 

Ideally, we want to communicate with our prospects about something they’re interested in - and then follow up with our marketing messages after we’ve built rapport. I did this in the home inspection industry specifically. 

Because I know the industry, I know that marketing to real estate agents is an incredibly hot topic in the inspector world. Also, inspectors are typically cost warry, and love free ways to market their business.

So my first ad wasn’t about SEO at all - it was about how to market to real estate agents online with Instagram for free.Then, I followed up with an offer.

The reason this works so well is because in the first piece of content I built trust and rapport. I positioned myself as someone worth listening to - not just another scammy internet marketer. 

A thought leader, if you will. I also showed them I understand their needs.  Basically - I spoke their language. 

I ran the ad with a call to action over a six day period, and these were the results:

facebook ads

18 contacts added! I actually had more than 18 business owners reach out, but I only tracked results via people that opted into my email list. Others emailed me directly from my website or hit me up on Facebook Messenger via my business page.

Okay, but let’s move away from the 30, 000 foot view and get into the details.

How’d I do this?

I ran a sponsored Facebook video that was simply me showing them an actionable marketing strategy on Instagram.

Then, I followed up with a more sales oriented ad to people that watched 3+ seconds of that video, and offered them another a “lead magnet” in exchange for their email address. Part of why this was so cost effective was because I stayed within Facebook’s platform during the process - I never sent traffic away from it.

I used their native video ad along with a lead form ad within Facebook as the follow up.

Facebook rewards you if you push their platform for them - which I effectively did.

In the initial ad, I introduced myself, and then went on to talk about a free Instagram marketing method for home inspectors. The text above the video was something only a business owner home inspector would be interested in.

Here’s the ad:

Facebook ad

I ran this ad for 5 days, and spent about $40 Canadian dollars on it.

The result? Almost 700 views - along with 6 comments, 11 likes, and a couple shares.

Now, here’s where the magic happened: 

I then setup a second Facebook ad.

This time, it was a Facebook Lead Ad and I only showed it to people that watched 3+ seconds of the initial video.In the second ad, I offered them a high value and free resource for their business in exchange for their email address.

With a lead ad, they can click the ad, and then input their information right there on the spot without leaving Facebook to claim the free resource. 

facebook ad example

I specifically offered them a guide on how to set up Facebook remarketing. (Facebook marketing inception going on here??) After they opt-ed in to get the resource, I reached out to see how they were doing with the implementation - and many people took me up on setting it up for them.

From there, we had established a rapport and I’ve since sold other higher ticket services (like SEO) to these people.

At the end of the day, all businesses can benefit from online marketing - but they need to know they can trust you before they go and hand off hefty SEO management fees.

Here’s the screenshot of the actual results:

facebook lead ads

For $80 Canadian, I was able to bring in 18 leads! (The data between my email list and Facebook didn’t line up completely.)

That’s pretty stellar - because one single SEO sale gives a huge positive return on investment!

Not to mention one single front-end sale of a remarketing setup covered almost 100% of the adspend!

Alright, that’s it!

All the tactics I employed in this strategy I learned in Dino’s course, Funnel Consultant Society.

While I knew about facebook marketing before I joined, I had never gotten good results.

It’s an incredible resource to learn the stuff most people won’t share.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section!

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