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Angel Cruz 6 Figure SEO Podcast: How He Quit His Job Then Hired His Boss

Angel Cruz is the founder of , a link building and SEO service vendor to SEO agencies and consultants. 

Angel’s local SEO services are simply the best in the local SEO space.

You can order all types of link building, citations, Google maps services, and basically anything necessary to get ranking Google’s snack pack.

6 Figure SEO Podcast Interview With Angel Cruz

About two months ago I reached out to Angel for an interview. I was in Vegas at the time and initially we ran into some technical difficulties for recording. (Things get crazy in Vegas…)

We had to reschedule and Angel is a cool enough dude to have come back the second time prepared not only for the interview but to also with a live presentation on how to do one of the absolute best local SEO tricks to date.

So in this exclusive SEO Podcast interview you’ll discover:

  • How Angel quit his job and hired his boss as his first SEO client
  • Where Angel got his SEO training
  • An over the shoulder demonstration of one of Angel’s best kept local SEO strategy
  • Where Angel thinks the SEO industry is headed and how you can prepare to capitalize on it
  • The one crucial piece of advice Angel has for other beginner SEO experts
  • What Angel would do if he had only $500 and had to restart his SEO agency

So fellow SEO’s and SEO’ettes; let me tell you, you do not want to miss this one.


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