The Biggest Mistake I Made The First Two Years of Running an SEO Business

The first two years of running my own SEO business I worked damn hard. We’re talking 70 and sometimes 80 hour workweeks.

In fact I still work damn hard and put in close to 55 hours a week while always still thinking business, listening to business podcasts in the gym, talking business on the phone while driving, or multi tasking as much as possible.

But in my first two years of my SEO business I had the wrong strategy and that was holding me back dramatically.

This “wrong strategy” and “mindset” was keeping me from enjoying my work every single day and also kept me from growing my agency at a much faster pace.

What mistake did I make?

While I was out on vacation in the streets of downtown Melbourne, Australia I decided to shoot a quick video and reveal the one “aha” realization that set my business on the fast track for growth.


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