Lior Ohayon Reveals His Top SEO Secret to Make 6 Figures

Lior Ohayon Reveals A Top Secret SEO Client Getting Strategy That Makes Him 6 Figures A Year

SEO Client Getting with Lior Ohayon

About This Episode

  • We interview SEO lead gen expert, Lior Ohayon, to reveal his 1 dangerously awesome source for consistent & easy client getting
  • See how Lior got started in SEO & what his advice is to beginner SEO experts
  • See how Lior is strategically scaling his SEO business past 6 figures
  • See how Lior outsources his digital marketing work to systematically grow his business
  • See the process which allows Lior to travel for months at a time & still maintain a growing SEO business!

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Interview Notes:


1). Want to learn top SEO selling tricks from Lior personally? Check out his blog at: 

2). Lior’s Hit SEO Software for helping you to find potential SEO clients, Scope Leads.



John Shea - February 6, 2015

Hey great interview guys, very informative. After going through Source Phoenix I actually went out to and went on a “Real job” interview which turned into my first real $1000/month client. I also white label and outsource most of the work.

I had actually initially purchased the Freelance course Lior mentioned but failed to do anything with it during that time, I didn’t put much effort into trying to find clients the way I wanted to.

After getting this client I decided to go back and put a lot of effort into making an Elance profile and I got mine to 100%. I’m getting job invites on there all the time! Just nothing substantial from there yet.

My challenge right now is finding time to cold call while I’m still at the 9-5, beyond freelance sites what else are you doing to land clients Lior?

Also are you on iTunes Dino? Going to be following your blog now that I discovered it, I really want to land a few more clients and quit the day job.

    Dino Gomez - February 6, 2015

    Hey John, congrats on taking action and landing that 1st client. That is hardest one. Sounds like you have your systems in place to scale. Check out Brian Magnosi’s interview for other great selling tricks. He exposes some great stuff. We will be up on Itunes next week & all episodes will be available for download on mp3. Cheers,

      John Shea - February 6, 2015

      Thanks Dino, will definitely check that one out. P.S. this episode just got me motivated.. just applied to 3 more jobs on Elance! Crossing fingers.

        Lior - October 8, 2015

        Hey man sorry that I just saw this! I try a whole bunch more things like referrals, cold emailing, etc. Check out the blog for more!

Jeff Podgorski - July 8, 2015

Hey dino, quick question what service do you use to bill clients. Also on endless rise what plans should I use for Seo there’s so many plans it’s insane. I am thinking that offering that many might be to much. And what retail prices should I mark them up to. It seems hard to find the right retail price for every plan. Not much info on the web. Thanks again it’s truly appreciated.

    Dino Gomez - July 9, 2015

    Hi Jeff, I use FreshBooks for client invoicing. It is smooth, affordable, & acts as a merchant processor (credit card processing) at a great rate. You can find it here: …affiliate link since this site is otherwise free 🙂 Regarding SEO markup; it depends on the client & the value of a lead to them. I charge attorneys more than a gym because a deal to an attorney is worth much more. You’re markup should always be at least 50% however but closer to 100%. With Endless Rise; just select a package that seems right for your client’s interest in services. Also you can also ask Endless Rise to make a package recommendation based on your client and their industry competition. Cheers,

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