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Dino Gomez’s #1 SEO Trick!

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Bonus Resources:

1st Bonus Tip:  You know Google owns YouTube right? And Google is always looking to self promote use of their sister web properties. So naturally if you add a related YouTube video to almost any page of your website; that website page will instantly get a rankings boost! Specifically if you add a YouTube video that has a keyword rich title that matches the keyword you are trying to rank for on that webpage…. oh yes. Works like 80% of the time, every time. I’m Ron Burgundy?

Here is an example on our client’t health club website. The keyword they are going for is, “San Diego Gym”. See how the video is titled that. We also use that same keyword to the right of the video on the page. This makes it easy for Google to know what the webpage is about, and they reward you for making it easy for them. After all, Google rankings are determined by a computer program. How smart could that program possibly be?

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2nd Bonus Tip:  

There is an SEO plugin that makes it easy to add a keyword footer to any WordPress Site. Just download and install the plugin, add in your keywords and links; and you’re set!

Here is that plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/header-footer/



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