Do PBNS Still Work 2016?

3 Reasons You Must Have a PBN (Private Blog Network) in 2015

In this episode of Dynamik 365 we are going to cover the reasons why you must have a private blog network if you want to rank your website or your client’s website in competitive niches.

We will show you:

1). How PBN’s replace digital PR

2). What is competitor scouting & how PBN’s tie into first page rankings

3). How to use your PNB with your social media profiles

4). How PBN’s can help you sign new clients fast & easily!



Alex London - January 3, 2015

Information overload. I guess I need to better understand PBN’s and find out how to build one!

    Dino Gomez - February 26, 2015

    Gotta have those PBNS! We’ll be releasing videos on how to build, maintain, and safeguard your PBNs shortly.

Gary Morris - December 11, 2015

Great post Dino! You mentioned needing to space out your backlinks. Any idea how much time in between? I am assuming you should limit the amount of times you use your PBN for one specific money site and maybe switch to linking to those social signal sights?

Thanks again! Loving these video’s!!

    Dino Gomez - December 12, 2015

    Hey Gary, normally you want to build 1-2 pbn links the first week. Then 3-5 the following week. A few days in between each link added. If it is a brand new site then you need to do normal linking for a month first and space our the PBN links even further as Google believes it naturally takes a site time to build up authority links from other web properties. Also, social signals should come before and during PBN link building (this tells Google your site is going viral and thus it would make sense authority sites (PBNS) would be linking to you. Cheers!

Bosh Panme - March 30, 2016

Dino youre the man. Simply cutting out all the bullshit in the SEO world and just simply telling the info that needs to be heard ! When you mention about sending PBN links to your clients website to make them jump from page 2 to 1… do these links come from a single PBN website or 1-2 links per multiple pbn sites? thanks

    Dino Gomez - March 30, 2016

    Yooo Bosh, good to hear from ya bud. You’ll want to grab 1-2 links from different PBN sites. Try to have the PBN’s be niche relevant (themed PBNS). So your client is a gym and the PBN’s are about “fitness”. You can purchase PBN links on Source market fairly affordably. If you’re going to become the expert in 1 vertical (the SEO expert of the solar industry). Then you might invest in building our your own PBN network themed to the Solar industry to use for all your current and future clients. Cheers,

      Bosh Panme - March 30, 2016

      Thanks a bunch !

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