The Script I use to Hire Content Writers on Elance

Hey guys,

Thanks for opting in to receive the exact script I use on Elance to source and hire the best fit content writers to write killer blog posts.

You’ll notice I state in the script that we want to pay someone hourly and that a post should take no more than 2 hours. This helps you get a range for how much a blog post will cost once you see the hourly rate that applicants charge.

Remember everything is negotiable  especially if you’re ordering in volume. All writers want long term relationships just as you want to avoid having to continuously look on Elance for new contractors.

Here it is:


Hi there,

We are looking for an English speaking (1st language) awesome content writer to write blog post for our clients.

You must be familiar with WordPress… at least with adding a blog, photos, title tags, meta description, and posting live.

The key is that you are a great writer and understand writing content that will attract links and is engaging.

You must be trustworthy as we will want you to post directly to our clients sites.

We are looking for writers with a resume of previous work done.

If you have a blog post that was shared a lot online or that went viral that would win you this gig!

We are looking to pay someone hourly. You should be able to research and write a great 700-1000 word blog post in about 2 hours time.

If we provide you a blog post to rewrite; you should be able to rewrite 1 post in about an hours time.

This will be a long term relationship with a lot of work guaranteed to the winner. 

Please respond with your best example work and best price for volume.

In the first sentence of your response please say, “I love pizza” so that I know you can follow directions.



And that’s it guys. If you post this on Elance under the category of “hourly” you’ll get a lot of responses!

And from there your SEO business is scalable, you’re set to bring your clients more value, and you’re able to charge more.

Be sure to check your email for more awesome SEO tips.



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