How to Get Facebook Advertising Clients

how to get facebook ad clients

Facebook Ads are all the rage

You've heard about them, seen them, purchased from them, and want to run them.

Even better your current clients want the​m as do your future clients. 

So how do you get started running Facebook Ads?

  1. Enroll in my Free Facebook Ads Mini Course (watch me setup a campaign) ​
  2. Sign a Facebook Ad Client and Start running a Campaign

Over the last 3 years I've been running Facebook ads alongside about half of all our agency's client campaigns.

I've run ads for universities, local businesses, software companies, ecomm stores, and coaching programs. ​

Today, I want to show you where to find your first Facebook ad client. ​

​Reminder: Enroll in my Free Facebook Ads Mini Course & watch me setup a Facebook Ad campaign. 

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