The Future of SEO 2018: Matt Diggity, Chase Reiner, and Dino Gomez

the future of SEO 2018

The future of SEO looks.... different, harder, & more profitable

There's less opportunity and more opportunity in the same.

For client SEO's you need to watch out for the changing landscape of the local SERPS and differentiating your ​lead gen efforts by doing several things.

​For affiliate SEOs you need to pay attention to artificial intelligence (AI) and how that will change the ranking algo. 

Recently Matt Diggity, Chase Reiner, and myself sat down to have a quick chat about where SEO is headed and what we are doing to prepare for these changes.

This interview is chalk full of insight. Be sure to give it a listen. ​

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  • Sammi Sullivan

    I always love hearing you talk about our industry, Dino. I try to listen every time I see something from you and Matt, as well.
    Thanks for keeping us all updated and informed!

  • Great!
    You have wonderful points. Thumbs Up!