Daryl Rosser 6 Figure SEO Podcast: Growing an SEO Empire

Darryl Rosser SEO Lion Zeal

Dayrl Rosser is the founder of Lion Zeal, an incredible blog and resource for SEO experts of all skill sets.

At Lion Zeal, Daryl helps teach aspiring SEO experts how to grow their business.

He has incredible in depth tutorials on how to build and manage PBNs plus a great SEO podcast of his own.

6 Figure SEO Podcast Interview With Dayrl Rosser

Recently I connected with Dayrl while he was out in Vietnam… all the way across the world from San Diego, Ca.

He jumped onboard amongst his busy schedule to reveal exactly how he is building an SEO empire.

In this exclusive SEO Podcast interview you’ll discover:

  • How Daryl earned and lost $800k in 1 year
  • How Daryl made money with SEO before knowning anything and how you can too
  • What prompted Dayrl to dive in to the SEO industry
  • How Dayrl finds, screens, and signs the best types of SEO clients
  • How Dayrl is scaling his SEO business and systemizing everything
  • What Daryl would do if he had only $500 and had to restart his SEO empire

So fellow SEO’s and SEO’ettes; let me tell you, you do not want to miss this one.

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  • Sweet, listening to this now!

  • Great interview, had this on my to do list. I’ve been trying to make sure on-page is solid for all of my clients as I know that is overlooked sometimes like you said Daryl.