How to Get Local SEO Clients – Top 6 Strategies

How to Get Local SEO Clients

Leads and Client Acquisition.

If you can master lead generation, you’ll always have a successful online business.

In my opinion your ability to acquire new cold leads (outside of referrals or networking) is absolutely crucial to your success if you’re doing any type of client work online.

Yes it’s important to know how to rank and drive traffic as an SEO expert.

But think about it.

If you know how to acquire clients for yourself; you’ll be able to apply those same or similar strategies to acquire new business for your clients. And if you can do that you’ll have long term relationships with your clients and you’ll make a great living.

So today I’m going to reveal to you 6 of my top local SEO client lead generation strategies.

In my opinion this is easily the most important video I’ve ever put together.

Many of these strategies can also work to help get you national clients and can be applied across any industry (as in…. they can also be used to help you get new business for your clients).

Lets get this rodeo started.


If you find any of this useful leave a comment and let me know which strategy you liked most.

I’ll go ahead and put together more in depth training covering the top voted strategy & reveal more tips I couldn’t fit into this video. Holla at me!

  • Jesse Murdock

    Thanks again Dino Gomez for the absolute priceless information! Yet another great set of tips & tricks for me to implement. You rock.

  • Sam Mottram

    Hey Dino, great video! when you mention about having lots of citations and social bookmarks built at 8:20, do you mean for your google my business page, or your actual website? Thanks

  • Great , followed from youtube. Thanks man

  • Thank you! It’s time to go out and get and help some more clients…