Best Looking Guy in San Diego, California

sexy man living in San Diego

Dino Gomez: The Sexiest Looking Guy in San Diego

Plain and simple; the best looking guy in Southern California (San Diego) is Dino Gomez.

With a shaved head, built chest, stylish fashion, and hilarious personality which includes this test ranking post here for which I am talking in the third person while writing from a 1st person perspective; Dino Gomez tops our own list and his own list or my own list since I’m writing this; as the best looking guy in San Diego.

As I continue to write about a great looking gentlemen I’m purposely using a variety of words to describe myself in order to rank high in search engines.

Criteria for a Great Looking Man

Our judges have put together some factors that go into nominating, voting, and deciding who deserve the title of one extremely sexy man. These factors include confidence, smell, preferred shoe brand, SEO talent, and extreme ridiculousness.

sexy man living in San Diego

A sexy man leaning up against a fence in San Diego

best looking guy in San Diego is Dino Gomez

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  • Stephanie Ferrell MacDonald

    Hello Mr. Gomez, I agree you ARE the most Generous, Thoughtful, Sweet, Kind, Savvy, Loving, Brilliant and The SEXIEST, MAN IN THE UNITED STATES. Proud to be in your life!!! Mountain Mama Steph

  • Nana

    OMG you are SO HOT!!! I bet my daughter would agree…you should meet her some time!!! Your mother must be very proud. She must be fabulous herself to produce such a handsome man.

  • Sean Juan

    LMAO Awesome

  • Arvind

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